IBM FlashSystem 9100: 數據驅動、多雲端環境企業的核心


IBM 認為,唯有數據驅動 (Data-driven)、多雲端 (Multi-cloud) 環境的企業,方能在現今競爭激烈的環境中脫穎而出。[1]

我們可以觀察到在最近推動企業數據儲存發展趨勢中,數據型業務需求扮演了關鍵要素:NVMe 非揮發性記憶體儲存裝置、人工智能、多雲端、容器應用程式等等。[2]

問題變成:「現今有沒有一種儲存解決方案,建基於成熟且經過實證的技術平台,只要單一平台就能應付當今儲存、數據中心與雲端趨勢;並提供同時支援傳統與現代數據中心的多元 AI 與雲端型軟件產品服務?」

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Local bank revs up customer service delivery with IBM Watson-powered virtual assistants

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Hong Kong has one of the world’s most competitive banking markets, with 22 banks operating full-service networks across a city with a population of 7.41million. Good service is key to building and retaining market share among Hong Kong’s personal and business banking customers. The ability of AI-powered virtual assistants to engage customers with a faster, simpler and more convenient service experience is therefore an attractive proposition.

Hang Seng Bank, a leading domestic bank renowned for its commitment to high-quality service, has embarked on its personalized service improvement journey by launching virtual assistants to answer enquiries from personal and business banking customers, submitted through its website and mobile banking apps.

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IT 自動化 「智慧出行」更安全




在美國,擁有一百六十年歷史的鐵路公司 BNSF,其鐵路網由嚴寒的蒙大拿伸展到酷熱的西南沙漠省份,金屬機件在溫差下頗易老化。要保持機件安全運作,BNSF 透過推行 IT 自動化 (IT Automation),全天候偵測路軌和車卡上的潛在風險,確保鐵路系統24/7安全暢順運作。

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歐盟資料新例 5事項要注意


GDPR Screencap


GDPR 規定個人資料無論儲存、處理、分發於世界何處,必須受到保護,機構要提供保護數據的證據。若干類別數據若外洩,新例規定機構須72小時內報告;歐盟28國的數據擁有人有權取得、更正或刪除個人資料,機構須迅速回應。

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Cracking the Internal Health Code with Deep Learning


The endoscope and colonoscope were first developed in 1880s to look inside the body. Specialists use their expertise and experience to examine the medical images. But sometimes, human error and backend issues can result in misdiagnosis.

Population increase and more cases of internal diseases are overloading the medical industry in many major cities in the world. In turn, the demand of medical specialists continues to soar.

However, training more medical specialists is not enough. Pathologists require long-term training and painstaking work before visually detecting abnormalities in tumor tissues by looking through the microscope and conducting invasive tests. Deep learning offers a better way to develop a diagnosis scope for medical inspection.

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數據科學家 不應在「發現」中糾纏


Data Scientist

「數據科學家」已由十年前的冷門職業,變成炙手可熱的「筍工」,連續兩年登上美國 Glassdoor 理想職業排行榜首位。

以往靠直覺和經驗做決定的金融、物流、銷售企業,逐漸倚仗數據科學家,將數據轉化為洞見。IDC「全球大數據及分析開支指南」指,全球大數據與企業分析營業額,將由 2016 年 1,300 億美元增至 2020 年 2,030 億美元,亞太是主要區域之一。

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Building the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Adoption Index of Hong Kong


Welcome to the first blog post, as part of our 4-part series regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI) Adoption Index in Hong Kong.

We are full-time MBA Students from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and are developing a survey regarding the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises. This project is supported by IBM Hong Kong.

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