The innovator’s guide to the digital galaxy


Far out in the uncharted backwaters of different industries sit what once were innocuous organizations — companies that stayed in their own spheres of influence and didn’t disrupt the flow of business as usual.

But now, they are capitalizing on existing and emerging technologies to expand their reach, open up new business models, and make products and services available in new industries — including yours.

You can’t see them yet, or call them by name, but you know they’re out there, eyeing your customers, employees and every unspent dollar, euro and yen in your marketplace. This trend is keeping CEOs and line-of-business leaders up at night. Worldwide, nearly 70 percent of C-suite members expect industry convergence to increase over the next few years.

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IBM Security: Perspective on the Global “WannaCry2” Cyberattacks Hitting Critical Infrastructure


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What is WannaCry2? A rapidly spreading cyberattack that was first detected in March and has impacted businesses in nearly 100 countries. Currently, the source of the attack is unknown. The WannaCry2 attacks have crippled critical infrastructure, including hospitals, telecommunications and distribution/supply chain services.

The scale of this attack was possible because of a vulnerability in the Microsoft Windows Operating System. Although it began like any routine phishing scheme – in which a user clicks on a bad link and malware takes over – WannaCry2’s exploitation of the Windows vulnerability enabled it to spread with great speed from one workstation to a network of users. As a result, it was an attack of one-to-many versus standard phishing attacks, which typically infect one user at a time. While the attack appears disabled now, we expect hackers to reanimate it rapidly, and organizations need to prepare fast.

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企業應思考 雲運算怎提升優勢


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今年初,美軍與 IBM 簽定五年期總值 6,200 萬美元合約,由後者為其建設及管理私有雲端數據中心,並將提供基建即服務方案,把軍方現有的 IT 應用轉移到雲端上去,首年目標便要移轉 35 種國防應用。

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跨國貨運區塊鏈 省錢增效率




專家估計,處理和管理這些貿易文件的成本,最多可佔實際運輸成本的20%。全球最大貨櫃航運公司馬士基 (Maersk) 的研究亦指出,僅僅將一批冷凍貨物由東非運到歐洲,便要涉及30個組織和個人,彼此間超過200次通訊。


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IBM 現身刀劍神域! Z13 伺服器將於「序列爭戰」登場

(文章亦同時被 Unwire Pro引用)


圖中的伺服器,是否似曾相識?「刀劍神域劇場版:序列爭戰」電影中有闗場景的靈感與藍圖,來自世界上運算速度最快、保安最嚴密的企業伺服器之一:IBM的 Z 系列,Z13 大型主機。


以未來世界為場景的電影「序列爭戰」,原著是一系列紅透日本的動畫和小說。作者川原礫,帶領大家進入虛擬現實,游走於大型多人線上角色扮演遊戲 (MMORPGs),隨夢想飛翔。夢想之中,存在一個現實小環節,因為 Z13 伺服器出鏡!

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日航用 IBM Watson 虛擬助手為乘客提供携同嬰孩旅行相關資訊



【科技特搜】日本 JAL 最近推出了一款利用 IBM Watson 開發的手機程式,方便計劃前往夏威夷的乘客可向程式內的虛擬助手「Makana-chan」查詢有闗携同嬰孩旅行的資訊。


室內空氣質素 雲端可拆解


Delos 2



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