Are in-store AI’s part of Hong Kong’s retail future?


Everyday AI At Work Blog Series

Digital natives (a.k.a. millennials) find on-line shopping a lot easier than going to the mall because, obviously, it’s simpler to locate things you want to buy through a web browser than it is to physically search the racks and shelves of a shop. That’s not to say shopping on-line has the same visceral satisfaction as you get from finding something you might like, holding it in your hand and trying it out but locating things is nonetheless a challenge.

That’s particularly evident if you happen to be doing a weekly grocery shop at a different supermarket than the one you normally frequent (and sometime even in your regular store if the manager has decided to move things around again). Each store has a different layout so your mental map of where things you want ought to be is of little use.

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IBM Marketplace: Digital channel for all things cloud


With great excitement, we are announcing the official launch of IBM Marketplace in Hong Kong, the first in Greater China region.

IBM Marketplace serves as a digital front door to cloud innovation, bringing together IBM’s vast portfolio of cloud capabilities and “born on the web” third-party services from local and international solution partners, and delivering a complete “learn-try-buy” self-service experience for developers, IT managers and line-of-business professionals.

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里約變智慧城市 助應變抗天災

(原文於2016年8月10日在香港經濟日報刊登 ,原題為「里約變智慧城市 助奧運抗天災」)


四年一度的全球體壇盛事正式開鑼,今屆的主辦城市里約熱內盧 (里約市),以擁有豐富文化、瑰麗景色、及熱情好客而聞名。有云「台上一分鐘,台下十年功」,里約市原來早年已著手革新城市運作模式,變身智慧城市。

里約市現時人口逾 645 萬,是美洲第六大城市,有著每年舉辦狂歡節的傳統;它地理環境複雜,自然災害頻繁。當地政府在 2010 年起透過與 IBM 合作,把逾三十部門的指揮系統化整為零,變成一個「城市營運中心 (City Operation Center)」。

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SAP HANA on Power 發揮最強業務數據分析優勢



數碼轉型正在影響各行各業對資料的應用,通過對業務數據進行深入分析,企業可以提供更具智慧、更個性化的客戶體驗,另一方面,企業需要從社交媒體 中收集大數據分析市場轉變、洞悉消費者的喜好,面對龐大的資料分析工作,企業需要配備效能強大的伺服器,以及高效率的分析軟件。儘管市場上資料分析產品選 擇很多,但在部署成本、分析效能以及實施周期方面,大多無法滿足企業的嚴苛需求。IBM成功在Power Systems上,實現了HANA分析軟件的高效執行,為企業帶來 SAP HANA on Power 企業級記憶體資料庫解決方案。

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Business lessons from the Pokémon Go phenomenon

(This article is also published in Computerworld Hong Kong on August 1, 2016)


Image source: Internet

Hong Kong appears to be invaded by Pokémon Go players. We’ll no doubt be bumping into avid players all over the place. In case you’ve been entirely cut off from news this month, Pokémon Go is a mobile game app, in which players move around in the real world looking for digital creatures overlaid on the streets around them.

Less than two weeks after the initial release, Pokémon Go has become the most successful mobile game ever. It is also generating newspaper headlines about users and their experiences on a daily basis. The share price of Nintendo – which originated the Pokémon characters back in the ‘90s but is just a part owner of the app – was doubled. But it has fallen back as in reality, its profits from the game will be limited.

There is much more in this groundbreaking game. Such application and massive acceptance in augmented reality is expected to trigger a wave of adoption in other areas. Meanwhile, however, Pokémon Go’s massive adoption has been accompanied by reports of server overloads, players being locked out and rumors of security issues.

While details have not been disclosed, it seems pretty clear that such issues have delayed the game’s rollout, especially to Japan and other game-crazy Asian markets, slowing down revenue generation. Simply put, it appears that the operation team was unprepared for the success of Pokémon Go.

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IBM Launches Blockchain Cloud on World’s Most Secure Server

(Note: This article is a repost from here)


New cloud environment for business-to-business networks allows companies to test performance, privacy and interoperability of blockchain ecosystems.  IBM LinuxONE underpins cloud offering to help meet stringent industry and compliance security requirements.

IBM has announced a cloud service for organizations requiring a secure environment for blockchain networks. Ideal for organizations in regulated industries, this environment allows clients to test and run blockchain projects that handle private data.

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雲端應用 宜借鏡Pokémon GO



就算你不好「Pokemon Go」,身邊總會有人在玩。員工在休息時把玩手機其實無傷大雅,我們也很難杜絕「寵物小精靈」在辦公室的出現。但企業在考慮保安原則時,仍要兼顧安全與效率。企業在決定採用個別雲端應用時,原來可借鏡同類的「Pokemon Go」的一些成功元素。

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