企業應思考 雲運算怎提升優勢


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今年初,美軍與 IBM 簽定五年期總值 6,200 萬美元合約,由後者為其建設及管理私有雲端數據中心,並將提供基建即服務方案,把軍方現有的 IT 應用轉移到雲端上去,首年目標便要移轉 35 種國防應用。

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室內空氣質素 雲端可拆解


Delos 2



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電商採混合雲 迎瘋狂網購





當網上瘋狂搶購、大量瀏覽湧入時,有機會令電貿網站癱瘓。「雙十一」期間,有網站的點擊率由平時的千萬暴增至億次,後台系統保護能力要求由原來的 100GB 跳升至 1TB,平時低峰期的故障恢復時間也由小時劇減至以分計算。


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Hong Kong Smart Glass Startup Taps IBM Cloud to Combine Augmented Reality and Cognitive Capabilities


Dragon Creative Primed for Growth and Innovation with IBM Cloud

Dragon Creative Enterprise Solution Limited (DCES), a local pioneer in augmented reality (AR) applications, has successfully migrated its software development and delivery operations to the IBM Cloud in order to improve time to market, access cognitive APIs and leverage IBM’s extensive go-to-market support.

A home-grown startup with a successful track record in public crowdfunding, DCES was established in 2013 to tap emerging opportunities in commercial applications of augmented reality, leveraging its award-winning MAD Gaze family of “smart glass” devices. Launched by DCES in December 2015, MAD Gaze is a smart glasses brand targeted at both business and consumer markets, delivering a superior user experience based on augmented reality.

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IBM Marketplace: Digital channel for all things cloud


With great excitement, we are announcing the official launch of IBM Marketplace in Hong Kong, the first in Greater China region.

IBM Marketplace serves as a digital front door to cloud innovation, bringing together IBM’s vast portfolio of cloud capabilities and “born on the web” third-party services from local and international solution partners, and delivering a complete “learn-try-buy” self-service experience for developers, IT managers and line-of-business professionals.

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Business lessons from the Pokémon Go phenomenon

(This article is also published in Computerworld Hong Kong on August 1, 2016)


Image source: Internet

Hong Kong appears to be invaded by Pokémon Go players. We’ll no doubt be bumping into avid players all over the place. In case you’ve been entirely cut off from news this month, Pokémon Go is a mobile game app, in which players move around in the real world looking for digital creatures overlaid on the streets around them.

Less than two weeks after the initial release, Pokémon Go has become the most successful mobile game ever. It is also generating newspaper headlines about users and their experiences on a daily basis. The share price of Nintendo – which originated the Pokémon characters back in the ‘90s but is just a part owner of the app – was doubled. But it has fallen back as in reality, its profits from the game will be limited.

There is much more in this groundbreaking game. Such application and massive acceptance in augmented reality is expected to trigger a wave of adoption in other areas. Meanwhile, however, Pokémon Go’s massive adoption has been accompanied by reports of server overloads, players being locked out and rumors of security issues.

While details have not been disclosed, it seems pretty clear that such issues have delayed the game’s rollout, especially to Japan and other game-crazy Asian markets, slowing down revenue generation. Simply put, it appears that the operation team was unprepared for the success of Pokémon Go.

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IBM Launches Blockchain Cloud on World’s Most Secure Server

(Note: This article is a repost from here)


New cloud environment for business-to-business networks allows companies to test performance, privacy and interoperability of blockchain ecosystems.  IBM LinuxONE underpins cloud offering to help meet stringent industry and compliance security requirements.

IBM has announced a cloud service for organizations requiring a secure environment for blockchain networks. Ideal for organizations in regulated industries, this environment allows clients to test and run blockchain projects that handle private data.

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