Are in-store AI’s part of Hong Kong’s retail future?


Everyday AI At Work Blog Series

Digital natives (a.k.a. millennials) find on-line shopping a lot easier than going to the mall because, obviously, it’s simpler to locate things you want to buy through a web browser than it is to physically search the racks and shelves of a shop. That’s not to say shopping on-line has the same visceral satisfaction as you get from finding something you might like, holding it in your hand and trying it out but locating things is nonetheless a challenge.

That’s particularly evident if you happen to be doing a weekly grocery shop at a different supermarket than the one you normally frequent (and sometime even in your regular store if the manager has decided to move things around again). Each store has a different layout so your mental map of where things you want ought to be is of little use.

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里約變智慧城市 助應變抗天災

(原文於2016年8月10日在香港經濟日報刊登 ,原題為「里約變智慧城市 助奧運抗天災」)


四年一度的全球體壇盛事正式開鑼,今屆的主辦城市里約熱內盧 (里約市),以擁有豐富文化、瑰麗景色、及熱情好客而聞名。有云「台上一分鐘,台下十年功」,里約市原來早年已著手革新城市運作模式,變身智慧城市。

里約市現時人口逾 645 萬,是美洲第六大城市,有著每年舉辦狂歡節的傳統;它地理環境複雜,自然災害頻繁。當地政府在 2010 年起透過與 IBM 合作,把逾三十部門的指揮系統化整為零,變成一個「城市營運中心 (City Operation Center)」。

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SAP HANA 大數據分析系統最佳配搭 IBM Power Systems



身處風起雲湧的雲端運算與大數據時代,數據正在各行各業的「互聯網 +」轉型中,發揮著越來越重要的價值。隨著需要分析的數據越來越多,傳統架構已經無法滿足企業的需要。企業需要處理能力更高、處理速度更快、擴充性更強的 硬體架構,IBM Power Systems 正是為了這些需求應運而生的系統。


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Behind Every Guide Dog is a Data Story


Match: Perfect – Abigail Lanier and her Guiding Eyes partner, Alexa

(Note: This article is a repost from IBM Cloud Stories)

Can cognitive insights help pair more guide dogs with people who need them the most?

Jane Russenberger of Guiding Eyes for the Blind has been meticulously collecting all manner of guide-dog data sets for more than 30 years. Her long-held hope has been that the volumes of complex genetic mapping, medical records and journals and logs from thousands of puppy raisers, foster parents and trainers would one day serve to lift the success rate of guide-dog breeding.

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[Event Recap] CHRO Breakfast: Workforce Science as CHRO’s Crystal Ball

What are the priorities for CHROs nowadays? And how Workforce Science as a crystal ball can help them take the guesswork out of hiring, engagement and retention?

On December 15, a group of HR executives from local leading organizations and IBM subject matter experts got together to discuss and share how Workforce Science can help uncover insights to improve engagement, business performance and managing talent.

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解讀「不規則」數據 認知運算有計


今天你我置身於數據「大時代」,當中逾八成都是「不規則」(Unstructured) 數據──如小童的塗鴉習作、文章的隱喻、又或是診所內的X光片,這些數據不能透過普通的電腦運算技術解讀。

好消息是近年認知運算 (Cognitive computing) 技術出現突破:以Watson為例,它能處理巨量數據、並從中學習及推敲,從而協助人們更易明白不規則數據,及找出嶄新有用的洞識。事實上,認知運算今天已應用於需處理大量不規則數據的行業,如醫療、零售銀行及保險。


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