Hong Kong Smart Glass Startup Taps IBM Cloud to Combine Augmented Reality and Cognitive Capabilities


Dragon Creative Primed for Growth and Innovation with IBM Cloud

Dragon Creative Enterprise Solution Limited (DCES), a local pioneer in augmented reality (AR) applications, has successfully migrated its software development and delivery operations to the IBM Cloud in order to improve time to market, access cognitive APIs and leverage IBM’s extensive go-to-market support.

A home-grown startup with a successful track record in public crowdfunding, DCES was established in 2013 to tap emerging opportunities in commercial applications of augmented reality, leveraging its award-winning MAD Gaze family of “smart glass” devices. Launched by DCES in December 2015, MAD Gaze is a smart glasses brand targeted at both business and consumer markets, delivering a superior user experience based on augmented reality.

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IBM Marketplace: Digital channel for all things cloud


With great excitement, we are announcing the official launch of IBM Marketplace in Hong Kong, the first in Greater China region.

IBM Marketplace serves as a digital front door to cloud innovation, bringing together IBM’s vast portfolio of cloud capabilities and “born on the web” third-party services from local and international solution partners, and delivering a complete “learn-try-buy” self-service experience for developers, IT managers and line-of-business professionals.

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Keeping cool with cloud

(Note: This article is a repost from IBM Cloud Stories)

Ambi Labs launches a cognitive climate-control offering powered by IBM Cloud technology

In the midst of a humid Hong Kong summer, Ambi Labs founder Julian Lee faced a dilemma.

“I have a 15-year-old husky, and if it’s too warm, he’ll bark,” says Lee. “So the conflict was do I keep on the air conditioning all the time and feel like I’m wasting a lot of energy, or do I worry about my dog suffering in the heat while I’m away?”

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A detailed look at the system behind “Sword Art Online: The Beginning, Sponsored by IBM”


(This article is a repost from here )

The game system behind “Sword Art Online: The Beginning, Sponsored by IBM” was a hybrid of IBM’s cooperation utilizing its cutting-edge technology and the ideas of 1-10HOLDINGS, the company behind event planning and production. The Sword Art Online (SAO) series has appealed to a great many fans not only in Japan, but on a worldwide scale. At this event, the idea was to see how closely the futuristic SAO experience could be replicated using today’s highest level of technology. Let’s take a detailed look at each facet of the system to see how they did.

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藝術+雲端 地標變塗鴉畫布



雲端科技與藝術創作,是否牛風馬不相及?其實不然。一個別開生面的「都市藝術雲」 (Urban Art Cloud) 項目,過去一年曾在歐美多處舉行,讓大眾可動手改變城市空間。


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How the cloud can transform our cityscapes

(This article is also published in Computerworld Hong Kong on Nov 3, 2015)


Cloud computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources … and the creation of visual art.

Art? Yes, art … honestly, it’s true. If you think the cloud is just about enterprise agility and transformation, think again. Over the last year the Urban Art Cloud – a travelling art experience installation – has been engaging people and transforming cityscapes.

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Celebrating A Year of “Choice, Control and Performance” with IBM SoftLayer

Missed the party? Never mind. Come here to see what our clients and industry friends have experienced at the earlier IBM SoftLayer Hong Kong data center’s cocktail party.

The party was held to celebrate the first birthday of IBM SoftLayer Hong Kong data center, which was also the first data center following IBM’s $1.2b cloud investment in 2014.

Don’t miss the 2-minute opening video that shows why Choice, Control and Performance are key shared characteristics that help you race ahead with both your race and your business!

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What an incredible first year for SoftLayer in Hong Kong


IBM’s cloud infrastructure is invisible to the man in the street but over the last few weeks the sight of a Hong Kong tram, decked out in IBM SoftLayer branding, may have caused a few curious looks. SoftLayer is the foundation of the IBM public cloud portfolio and we have been operating a SoftLayer data center in Hong Kong since the beginning of June last year. One year on it is worth taking a look to see where we’re come from and where we’re going with SoftLayer.

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