‘Pokemon Go’ and Five Security Requirements for Using Cloud Apps

(Note: This article is a repost from Security Intelligence)


If you haven’t played the new “Pokemon Go” game yourself, someone close to you definitely has. The game has gone viral since its release, and it has people out in droves wandering around neighborhoods looking for Pikachu.

Five Lessons From ‘Pokemon Go’

In the workplace, cloud apps such as “Pokemon Go” are wildly popular — and have been for a while. We all want to play, but CISOs must consider some general security requirements to be both efficient and safe.

Here are five requirements from “Pokemon Go” that can be applied to adopting cloud apps in your organization.

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Catchup: Bluemix + Gadget提醒你巴士幾時到站

等巴士和追巴士這兩個動作,對許多香港人來說是家常便飯。香港道路環境複雜,令大家難以預測巴士時間到站。有兩位中文大學的學生就看中這個需求,利用實時資訊,開發出一款 Catchup 流動應用程式,幫用家節省等待巴士的時間。

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辦公室裝置 蘋果將取代PC?


Young woman drinking coffee in cafe

大家心目中的Apple,或許仍是與「潮」掛鈎,但自從去年七月IBM公布與Apple合作發展企業流動應用方案開始,許多企業開始意識到:原來Apple裝置如Mac Book也可以取代筆記簿PC,成為常規電腦應用方案。


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Mobility a catalyst for enterprise transformation

IBM ipad

Ever since first Apple iPhone was unveiled the in 2007 the world has been in love with smartphones. Taking a ride on the MTR shows just how prevalent and personal they have become. Ten years ago a lot of people would have been reading newspapers but that’s quite uncommon now; instead commuters are reading news on their mobiles and partaking of many other mobile activities.

Suffice to say mobile devices have had a huge impact in the social sphere but when it comes to business, their presence is less obvious. Why is that? Well for a start CIOs were justifiably concerned about poor security on most smartphones, which is why BlackBerrys – thanks to a more robust security model – were once the preferred choice for enterprise users. The next stage was for companies to leverage mobile device management systems (MDMS) that grew up to plug the mobile security gap, enabling the now common “bring your own device” programs that typically give employees access to company email and perhaps a few other generic apps.

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Your Wallet: The Next Digital Battlefield

(This article originally appeared in the EJ Insight on Sep 2, 2014)

Hong Kong is rightly proud of the Octopus contactless card payment system. In 15 years it has gone from being used to pay for train and bus trips here to becoming Hong Kong’s ubiquitous electronic cash wallet, accepted by tens of thousands of retailers while also being the model closely followed by public transport operators in London and The Netherlands. Continue reading