Mobility a catalyst for enterprise transformation

IBM ipad

Ever since first Apple iPhone was unveiled the in 2007 the world has been in love with smartphones. Taking a ride on the MTR shows just how prevalent and personal they have become. Ten years ago a lot of people would have been reading newspapers but that’s quite uncommon now; instead commuters are reading news on their mobiles and partaking of many other mobile activities.

Suffice to say mobile devices have had a huge impact in the social sphere but when it comes to business, their presence is less obvious. Why is that? Well for a start CIOs were justifiably concerned about poor security on most smartphones, which is why BlackBerrys – thanks to a more robust security model – were once the preferred choice for enterprise users. The next stage was for companies to leverage mobile device management systems (MDMS) that grew up to plug the mobile security gap, enabling the now common “bring your own device” programs that typically give employees access to company email and perhaps a few other generic apps.

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