Sunny with a chance of pastries: How everyday weather affects retail


Weather plays a significant role in changing the behavior patterns of customers in various industries. Be it a sunny morning or a rainy evening, in some way or the other it’s affecting your business. Retailers are using weather data to get a better handle on what to stock, how their customers buy and how to optimally staff their stores. The Weather Company and IBM have come together to build a highly sophisticated way to understand and take action on the impact of weather on industries. Learn how weather means business for your industry.

(Source: IBMBigDataHub)

IBM Cloud makes hybrid a reality

As data sprawl and the proliferation of data are challenging businesses today, more organizations are looking to the cloud as a solution. In fact, more than 65% of enterprise IT organizations will commit to hybrid cloud technologies before 2016.1 This infographic shows how IBM Cloud is designed to lead the IT industry toward hybrid clouds, making it possible for incompatible clouds and traditional on-premise environments to operate as one.







大數據 (Big Data) 越來越多人討論,曾有網友表示「日後睇風水,也要用上大數據!」


大數據不只Hot,還是一宗大商機。IBM在三月公佈的最新數字,就預計2015年大數據帶來的商機可高達200億美元。一幅Infographic,一分鐘認識大數據。 Continue reading