Reshaping banks and financial institutions to compete and thrive in the digital age


Everyday AI At Work Blog Series

A banking license is no longer a guarantee to print money.  After years of ultra-low interest rates, increasing demands from regulatory and compliance, and cost-cutting measures, yields are not returning meaningful results.

The ever present 24 hour banking scene, and the convenience of out of branch servicing, has led to the anonymous and unaccountable network services center model that has a tangibly negative impact on client satisfaction. This model has also increased the public awareness of service standards, and service impact, while not increasing yields or customer growth. Being the incumbent players in the world of financial commerce, the banking industry has long established processes and procedures that have enabled efficiencies and structure within the established industry. But new players are not burdened by this legacy and are embarking on disruptive technology that offers niche services targeted at high volume highly profitable services.

Small wonder then that customers are increasingly turning to services offered by financial technology companies to fulfill their commoditized service needs.

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認知運算系統 分析數據抗糖尿



Photo source: World Health Day


近期的發展是,美國糖尿病協會 (ADA) 在六月公佈,會將其儲存達 66 年的數據,包括糖尿病醫學文獻及臨床研究等資訊導入 IBM Watson 認知運算系統,讓它自行學習及理解。ADA 計劃日後將系統對外開放,讓它可人性化地應對護理和科研人員的查詢、協助貼身管理患者病情等。重要的是,Watson 可按病人的潛在風險,作出有理據和令人信服的治理建議。

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在昨晚北京舉行的《VOGUE服飾與美容》十一週年慶典紅地毯上,中國流行文化代表李宇春身穿由 IBM Watson 協助創作的中國首套認知禮服亮相,引起了社交媒體上的關注與熱議,此篇報導轉自漂亮。



今年5月,被譽為“時尚奧斯卡”的Met Gala Ball掀起一陣時尚科技旋風,而昨夜剛剛落幕的《VOGUE服飾與美容》十一周年慶祝派對的主題——Fashion in motion,也無不強調著科技時代下時尚創造力的無限潛能。派對現場,李宇春身著高IQ(Intelligence Quotient)的“認知禮服”(AI禮服)亮相,成為晚宴主題最好的詮釋。

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Get ready for the cognitive marketing revolution


Everyday AI At Work Blog Series

Last month Chevrolet, the iconic US auto brand, launched the Chevy Global Positivity System to reinforce its association with a positive, never-give-up attitude, as part of its newest global brand awareness campaign. What’s notable about this is that the campaign breaks new ground in marketing by leveraging artificial intelligence to support brand engagement.

Chevrolet is leveraging IBM Watson APIs including the Watson Personality Insights – a cognitive computing service that extracts and analyzes a spectrum of personality attributes from things people have written – to help users of the Global Positivity System evaluate how positive they are through their social media posts by generating an overall positivity score. The Chevrolet Global Positivity System also identifies people’s most positive and least positive posts, their most frequently used positive words and emojis, and highlights their top three personality traits, such as excitement and self-expression. Then, the site encourages users to Find New Roads that may appeal to their traits, such as touring a museum or taking on a new hobby.

This may at first seem a little far-fetched but the Chevrolet campaign is just one example of how AI can be leveraged to reinvent branding and marketing. And that make the new field of cognitive marketing a potential goldmine.

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「認知運算」分析貼文 辨用戶性情



利用 Personality Insights Service 建立的 Your Celebrity Match 工具


筆者曾在香港零售業協會講座上,示範用 Watson 認知運算技術來分析 Twitter 用戶的個人檔案,現場人士覺得很有趣。有140字限制的 Twitter 在日本遠比 Facebook 普及、香港的用戶亦相當多,讓筆者在這裏介紹一下。

「性格洞察分析」(Personality Insights Service) 是一個應用程式,以用戶在 Twitter 發佈的內容進行語言學分析。認知運算一方面統計字詞,同時也推敲用戶的語意和情緒,以辨別每名用戶在心理學上的五大性格特質:審慎或好奇、有計劃或隨意、外向或矜持、敏感或自信、熱情或冷靜,從而了解用戶的社交喜好和溝通風格。

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Hong Kong Smart Glass Startup Taps IBM Cloud to Combine Augmented Reality and Cognitive Capabilities


Dragon Creative Primed for Growth and Innovation with IBM Cloud

Dragon Creative Enterprise Solution Limited (DCES), a local pioneer in augmented reality (AR) applications, has successfully migrated its software development and delivery operations to the IBM Cloud in order to improve time to market, access cognitive APIs and leverage IBM’s extensive go-to-market support.

A home-grown startup with a successful track record in public crowdfunding, DCES was established in 2013 to tap emerging opportunities in commercial applications of augmented reality, leveraging its award-winning MAD Gaze family of “smart glass” devices. Launched by DCES in December 2015, MAD Gaze is a smart glasses brand targeted at both business and consumer markets, delivering a superior user experience based on augmented reality.

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銀行「人機合一」 提升客戶體驗


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銀行利用人工智能於客戶服務,早已不是新鮮事。如星展銀行在2014年開始把IBM Watson 認知運算技術應用於熱線中心,協助職員加快處理電話查詢、提供更理想的客戶服務體驗。此外,日本三大銀行之一的瑞穗也在去年利用Watson技術協助處理客戶電話查詢。


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Are in-store AI’s part of Hong Kong’s retail future?


Everyday AI At Work Blog Series

Digital natives (a.k.a. millennials) find on-line shopping a lot easier than going to the mall because, obviously, it’s simpler to locate things you want to buy through a web browser than it is to physically search the racks and shelves of a shop. That’s not to say shopping on-line has the same visceral satisfaction as you get from finding something you might like, holding it in your hand and trying it out but locating things is nonetheless a challenge.

That’s particularly evident if you happen to be doing a weekly grocery shop at a different supermarket than the one you normally frequent (and sometime even in your regular store if the manager has decided to move things around again). Each store has a different layout so your mental map of where things you want ought to be is of little use.

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大數據「領路」 助培育導盲犬




<註: 每年四月份最後的星期三為「國際導盲犬日」> 每隻導盲犬背後,除了人狗情,還有一段關於善用數據的故事。

美國的導盲犬訓練機構 Guiding Eyes for the Blind 指出,育成一隻幼犬,成本原來需要約四萬美元。要成功培育導盲犬,對狗隻的體格及性情都有相當要求。業內的成功率,目前大約在三成至三成七左右──成功率若能提升五個百分點,已能為業內各非牟利組織,節省大筆開支。

累積逾三十年相關經驗和數據的 Guiding Eyes for the Blind 現正透過利用認知運算技術,分析狗隻的血統家譜、獸醫紀錄,以至數以千計飼主的日常紀錄,幫助業內寄養家庭和訓練員,提高繁殖與訓練導盲犬的成功率。

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