Hong Kong Smart Glass Startup Taps IBM Cloud to Combine Augmented Reality and Cognitive Capabilities


Dragon Creative Primed for Growth and Innovation with IBM Cloud

Dragon Creative Enterprise Solution Limited (DCES), a local pioneer in augmented reality (AR) applications, has successfully migrated its software development and delivery operations to the IBM Cloud in order to improve time to market, access cognitive APIs and leverage IBM’s extensive go-to-market support.

A home-grown startup with a successful track record in public crowdfunding, DCES was established in 2013 to tap emerging opportunities in commercial applications of augmented reality, leveraging its award-winning MAD Gaze family of “smart glass” devices. Launched by DCES in December 2015, MAD Gaze is a smart glasses brand targeted at both business and consumer markets, delivering a superior user experience based on augmented reality.

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IBM Marketplace: Digital channel for all things cloud


With great excitement, we are announcing the official launch of IBM Marketplace in Hong Kong, the first in Greater China region.

IBM Marketplace serves as a digital front door to cloud innovation, bringing together IBM’s vast portfolio of cloud capabilities and “born on the web” third-party services from local and international solution partners, and delivering a complete “learn-try-buy” self-service experience for developers, IT managers and line-of-business professionals.

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IBM Launches Blockchain Cloud on World’s Most Secure Server

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New cloud environment for business-to-business networks allows companies to test performance, privacy and interoperability of blockchain ecosystems.  IBM LinuxONE underpins cloud offering to help meet stringent industry and compliance security requirements.

IBM has announced a cloud service for organizations requiring a secure environment for blockchain networks. Ideal for organizations in regulated industries, this environment allows clients to test and run blockchain projects that handle private data.

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港FinTech落後 拓「區塊鏈」加油



圖片來源: 互聯網

財政司曾俊華最近公開表示,香港的金融科技 (Fintech) 發展較鄰近地區慢。他希望藉著監管機構、學府及第三機構的合作,加強金融業界對新興事物的認識;新興技術如區塊鏈 (Blockchain) 就是今年財政預算案中的一個重點。


各地的金融機構及初創企業都正在運用區塊鏈創新。例如,倫敦日本交易所均已和 IBM 合作,進行區塊鏈項目的測試;BNY Mellon 投資管理公司則借助區塊鏈技術去加速開發證券借貸的應用。

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Catchup: Bluemix + Gadget提醒你巴士幾時到站

等巴士和追巴士這兩個動作,對許多香港人來說是家常便飯。香港道路環境複雜,令大家難以預測巴士時間到站。有兩位中文大學的學生就看中這個需求,利用實時資訊,開發出一款 Catchup 流動應用程式,幫用家節省等待巴士的時間。

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Video Game High School

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At one high school in Austin, Texas, students spend class time playing video games! But not just any game, it’s one the students built on IBM Bluemix® and IBM Watson™, with the help of their teacher, David Conover. The result is a serious game called Medical Minecraft where Watson interacts with students through gameplay to make medical research entertaining. Modeled after popular world-building games, this cognitive game is designed to inject lessons on health science, pharmacology and other challenging subjects into the action. It seems child’s play has grown up a bit.

大數據「領路」 助培育導盲犬




<註: 每年四月份最後的星期三為「國際導盲犬日」> 每隻導盲犬背後,除了人狗情,還有一段關於善用數據的故事。

美國的導盲犬訓練機構 Guiding Eyes for the Blind 指出,育成一隻幼犬,成本原來需要約四萬美元。要成功培育導盲犬,對狗隻的體格及性情都有相當要求。業內的成功率,目前大約在三成至三成七左右──成功率若能提升五個百分點,已能為業內各非牟利組織,節省大筆開支。

累積逾三十年相關經驗和數據的 Guiding Eyes for the Blind 現正透過利用認知運算技術,分析狗隻的血統家譜、獸醫紀錄,以至數以千計飼主的日常紀錄,幫助業內寄養家庭和訓練員,提高繁殖與訓練導盲犬的成功率。

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