Blockchain and the Internet of Things


Blockchain continues to be a hot topic among businesses in Hong Kong. On November 11, TVB Pearl Money Magazine aired another Blockchain story that discusses how the new technology will revolutionize the logistics industry and make the Internet of Things more secure. IBM subject matter expert Iqbal AliKhan is again featured as one of the speakers. The full program can be viewed at here.

What is IoT with Blockchain from IBM’s perspective?

IBM Watson IoT Platform enables IoT devices to send data to private blockchain ledgers for inclusion in shared transactions with tamper-resistant records. Blockchain’s distributed replication allows your business partners to access and supply IoT data without the need for central control and management.

All business partners can verify each transaction, preventing disputes and ensuring each partner is held accountable for their individual roles in the overall transaction. You can learn more about IBM Watson IoT at here.

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